Chesterfield Investment - Ontvang tot 10% rente op uw spaargeld (TIP)

Uniek Beleggen offers you high revenue with guarantees.

We are looking for capital providers for a short or long period. The interest rate depends on the investment amount and time period.

Uniek Beleggen offers a high interest rate with guarantees based on orders that are pre-sold with a down payment.

What is your risk at Uniek Beleggen?

Your investment is hedged in for more than 100% by Chesterfield orders that are pre-sold with a down payment.

A short explanation:

  • Chesterfield BV sells unique, handmade furniture worldwide through various channels.
  • A down payment has been made for all pre-sold Chesterfield orders, so purchase is guaranteed.
  • After production, the orders are shipped to our production centre in containers.
  • The contents of the container have a minimum value of 2 times the production costs.
  • Depending on your investment, one or more containers will be pledged to you; this will be the guarantee for your investment.
  • With this guarantee, your investment will be 100% secured.

You can request more information via the green button "More Information"